Seed Spark Cohort 01 (Africa Anglophone Cohort)

Nov 29, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Seed Spark 01 Africa Anglophone July - November 2023 Cohort has successfully graduated, and SmartLab played a significant role as a key collaborator in this achievement. SmartLab contributed significantly to Tanzania's top three winners, and the Seed Spark program featured 18 startups from four Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) across Tanzania and Ethiopia. Additionally, 15 mentors from both the Stanford Ecosystem and ESOs played a crucial role in guiding and nurturing these emerging startups.

SmartLab partnered with Stanford Seed through the BeFound MasterClass program to provide mentorship, guidance, and expert training from leaders across Africa to empower startups. As a proud collaborator, SmartLab introduced seven startups to the program: Niajiri Platform Limited, Elimu Unity Limited, Smart Foundry Limited, Smartdarasa Limited, DMA Limited, Nitume Sokoni Company, and WESE Energies Limited. These startups embarked on a transformative 5-month journey as part of the online Spark program.

The Spark program is an intensive online initiative tailored for early-stage startups. It features expert live sessions and one-on-one feedback with industry leaders. The program journey culminates with a vibrant showcase competition where entrepreneurs present their visions through Business Model Canvas (BMC), Pitch Deck, and Pitch Video. A panel of experts meticulously evaluates submissions and identifies the top three winners, which are Wese Energies, Smartdarasa Limited, and Niajiri Platform Limited. 

Introducing the Groundbreaking Startups: 

Wese Energies by Donald Galinoma: 

Wese is a digital fuel platform that is revolutionizing how commercial drivers access fuel. With a unique "buy now, pay later" model at zero interest for 24 hours, Wese leverages borrowing and repayment data to enhance the financial inclusion of drivers with financial institutions. 

Smartdarasa Company Limited by Kusiluka Aginiwe and Elias Elisante:

Smartdarasa transforms STEM education by making learning practical, interactive, and fun. Utilising 2D, 3D, and AR technology, the startup brings a novel approach to STEM education.

Niajiri Platform Limited by Lillian Secelela Madeje:

Niajiri Platform offers an Application Tracking System, streamlining the hiring process for employers. This automated tool significantly reduces costs and time, facilitating the selection of top candidates. 

Celebrating Success in African Entrepreneurship:

The achievements of these startups in the Seed Spark 01 Africa Anglophone July - November 2023 Cohort highlight the immense potential within the African entrepreneurial ecosystem. Congratulations to these three outstanding startups for their remarkable contributions to innovation and growth.

The journey doesn't end here! Stay tuned for the 2024 cohort, where we anticipate even more groundbreaking stories and innovative ventures.


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