Smartlab is an innovation lab that exists to grow the African Innovation ecosystem by empowering corporates, startups and investors to develop groundbreaking solutions impacting African Communities.

Connecting Corporates,
Startups and Investors

Smartlab is a leader in driving innovative, impactful solutions for African communities and businesses to optimize the existing digital possibilities and sustainably create new opportunities. We work with learners, startups, corporations and ventures to develop ground-breaking digital solutions that drive positive change for Africa.

We are the pioneers in creating a vibrant African innovation ecosystem that supports and encourages entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving. Our commitment is to enable the African population to take their place as and innovators in the global economy. Smartlab has cutting-edge programs to accelerate our mission to make meaningful contributions to Africa and its people.

  • To instigate sustainable progress in African communities through collaboration, creative problem-solving, and empowering youth and entrepreneurs to develop ground-breaking solutions.
  • By bringing together the collective knowledge, resources, and experience of all stakeholders, we enable impactful solutions to global problems, building a brighter future for African communities.
  • To create lasting and impactful social change in African Communities by catalyzing the development of ground-breaking solutions through fostering collaboration and enabling access to resources for learners, startups, and corporates.


To inspire the community through change and new solutions.



To foster innovative solutions from corporates, startups and investors that solve challenges within the African community and beyond.



To experience corporates, startups and investors transform the African business community with creativity and innovation.

Meet our team

Larry Ayo

Business Lab Director

Jean-Marrie Bwemo

Operations Manager

Laurian Mafuru

Programs Associate

Maureen Malenga

Communications Associate


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