SmartLab & GSA Renews Partnership Agreement

Feb 07, 2024

We are proud to announce that SmartLab has renewed its partnership with Global Startup Awards (GSA) as the country representative for Tanzania. The Global Startup Awards is a renowned platform that acknowledges and inspires entrepreneurship worldwide. It brings together a diverse community of startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem supporters from different backgrounds. 

This partnership will empower the next generation of innovators, foster a culture of entrepreneurship, and bridge the gap between local brilliance and global recognition. The partnership has already proved to be fruitful for Tanzanian startups. One among the victories was Niajiri, who was awarded the Best EdTech Startup during the East Africa phase. The startup is an online talent management platform connecting employers and talents. This victory brought pride to Tanzania and highlighted the potential within our local startup scene.

Our partnership for the 2024 Global Startup Awards, will see us collaborating with local startups in events and activities related to GSA. At SmartLab, we believe the regional startup landscape is vibrant and full of untapped potential. We are optimistic and committed to assisting startups by providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to help them thrive globally by acquiring such partnerships. 

We're delighted to collaborate with GSA in arranging local events that celebrate entrepreneurship, foster growth, and encourage cooperation within our dynamic startup community. We're excited about the future and looking forward to this partnership. Click here to find out more about GSA and keep an eye out for more news and updates about our collaboration. 

About SmartLab

Smartlab is an innovation lab that grows the African Innovation ecosystem by empowering corporates, startups, and investors to develop groundbreaking solutions that impact African Communities.


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