BeFound: Digital Marketing and Website Management MasterClass.

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We launched our new BeFound program with the very first session that took place on 3rd August 2019. A digital masterclass for professionals or corporates, owners of SMEs, and founders of startups who are interested in becoming more visible online by creating effective digital strategies that will impact their business discoverability and revenues. This program aims to give entrepreneurs and individual professionals the skills needed to help their business succeed online. Participants will go through the fundamentals of running a business website and designing a successful digital marketing strategy from experts in the field. 


By the end of the course,  participants received fundamentals of owning and managing a website, fundamentals of digital marketing, were able to identify customer needs with respect to different digital channels, create appropriate digital strategies depending on business goals, brand definition, and customer needs, perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by monitoring keyword rankings, doing competitor research, tracking incoming backlinks, conducting keyword research, and lastly learnt to operate different digital marketing channels to grow their business. 

Participants also received certificates for participation but also also came out of the course with practical deliverables including a website with a free domain and single page, custom email addresses reflecting their business, and good SEO for visibility of their business online.


This masterclass is to be conducted every quarter of the year with a target number of 25 participants per session. We are now receiving bookings for the 2nd BeFound Digital Masterclass workshop that will be held on November 16th at SmartLab Offices, Mikocheni A. If you are an aspiring digital marketer, business owner, or startup founder and would like to learn how to increase revenue, get more customers, or better communicate your brand then please register at for Tsh 250,000 to attend. 

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The BeFound Digital Masterclass is here!

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