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The world has drastically shifted into the digital space and Tanzania, nonetheless is not keen on being left behind. We have witnessed an encouraging number of startups sprouting to become full-fledged enterprises that utilize technology to solve the ever-changing needs of the society. Back in the days, things like E-Commerce and digital marketing were pretty much a vocabulary but look at us now, drop-shipping and online transactions have almost become a way of life, thanks to digital-savvy individuals and entities that sprinkle innovation and creativity in their solution every waking day.

Understanding the nature of competition among brands today and the need to recognize and effectively use the growing number of technological innovators in the country, Smart Lab has introduced Smart Lab Talent, a recruiting platform that links up corporations and startups with the right professionals to boost their businesses and technology in the country. How do they do it? It gets interesting:


By pooling: The technosphere is like a big ocean with plenty of fish, only in our case the fish is actually technology and engineering professionals who are looking for the right platforms to showcase their talents and abilities. Smart Lab sends out invites for submissions for various posts in their online platforms where hundreds of submissions come in.


By filtering: The submissions received are then filtered by a team of professionals within Smart Lab (taking into consideration that Smart Lab is a technological hub itself). The shortlisted candidates are then contacted for the next phase.

By encountering: After checking the qualification box, what follows is a meet and greet between the candidates and Smart Lab’s professional recruiting task force. Here the candidates are given a chance to open up about themselves and what new narrative they are seeking to write in the technological world. The task force then goes back to the lab and further filters the applicants into a handful who will meet the top management.


By interviewing: The top management will sit with the selected few and probe their professionalism and discipline. They will also get to know which individual will fit with which corporate partner. 


By grooming: The final candidates are then introduced to the hub i.e. Smart Lab. Here, they are given all the technological support and muscle to showcase their skills. They are then introduced to their respective employer but will work under the umbrella of Smart Lab and enjoy all the support from the team which includes; regular trainings, motivational exercises, access to Smart Lab’s technological infrastructure and many more.

Smart Lab Talent Program is a continuous exercise which gives everyone  a chance to participate in the advancement of technology in Tanzania. There’s a lot of potential in the country and by rightly tapping in its resources, there’s no saying how much can be achieved.


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